Analogue SolutionsLED CV Y Splitter Cables (3-Pack)


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Analogue Solutions LED CV Y Splitter Cables (3-Pack) Reviews

Analogue Solutions LED CV Y Splitter Cables

Easily tell when voltage is flowing through your cable with Analogue Solutions' LED Y-Cable Splitter. Giving you two TS-F connectors on one end and TS-M on the other, these cables are perfect for splitting a signal for two destinations. One plug will light up orange and the other will light up green, with both being wired for opposite polarities. That is: orange will light up when negative voltage is present and green will light up when positive voltage is present. The TS-M jack will light up white regardless of the voltage polarity. Add more lights to your Eurorack and easily diagnose signal flow problems with this 3-pack of LED Y-Cable SPlitters from Analogue Solutions.

LED CV Y Splitter Cables Features

  • 3 Pack of translucent Y-Cables with LED feedback
  • 1x Male 3.5mm jack lights up white
  • 2x Female 3.5mm jacks, one lights up green (+ voltage) the other orange (- voltage)
  • 24cm Length (~9.5in)
  • LED Cables require a small about of voltage, and it is not recommended for pitch control