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Analogue Solutions Impulse Command Synthesizer

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Analogue Solutions Impulse Command

Impulse Command from Analog Solutions is a desktop semi-modular analog synthesizer with an especially wide array of sonic capabilities. The synth employs a fully analog signal path inspired by vintage sounds of 1970s machines, plus it features a set of high-quality onboard DSP effects to take the sound further into the modern realm, and maybe even the future. Two 16-step sequencers—an analog one, and a MIDI Note sequencer can be used independently or interweave into complex rhythmic and melodic loops. The overall design of this synthesizer makes it equally adept for timbral, textural and drum synthesis. The semi-modular architecture allows for ultimate reconfigurability of the machine and ease of integration with other equipment.

Impulse Command Features

  • 2x analog VCOs
  • 2x 24db analog LPFs
  • 2x analog LFOs
  • 2x analog ADSR envelopes
  • 16 Step analog CV sequencer
  • 16 Step MIDI note sequencer
  • Stereo output / dual filter+VCA
  • Sequencer ReOrder feature
  • Dynamic VCO levels
  • Special internal dynamic patch system
  • Analog noise
  • Sub Osc
  • Stereo effects
  • 4 VCAs
  • Modular jack sockets
  • MIDI In
  • 24V DC 0.75A PSU supplied with the unit
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