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Analogue Solutions Fusebox X

Expanding upon the original, the Fusebox X contains three oscillators, a multi-mode filter, and a number of clever control methods rolled together into a single, fully-analog package. Though it does support MIDI connectivity, everything that the Fusebox X has to offer in terms of sonics harkens back to the golden age of synthesizers. Three VCOs, a multi-mode filter, an LFO, and two envelope generators provide the core ingredients for subtractive synthesis, augmented with MIDI control, patch points, and a few other neat twists from the minds behind Analogue Solutions.

Replacing the arpeggiator from the original, the new Fusebox X contains an onboard sequencer. Thus, the new edition contains a touch more musical versatility, especially when used without a MIDI controller. Combining this with the Interval Generator and Patternator opens up a world of musical possibilities, all from the Fusebox X itself. Though if you did want to use a keyboard or controller, the X now offers a three-note polyphonic mode, making it capable of triads, shell voicings, intricate contrapuntal lines, or anything in between.

The Fusebox X is undoubtedly designed for anyone looking for a synthesizer with an unapologetically analog character, which this instrument will deliver in spades.

Fusebox X Features

  • Analog monosynth with 3 voltage-controlled oscillators
  • VCO 1 offers cross modulation and an octave switch
  • VCO 2 has a Wide range switch for a broader tuning range down to LFO frequencies, and also Osc Sync
  • VCO 3 also offers a Wide tuning range and a Triangle wave, and MIDI pitch control can be disabled to use as a free-running oscillator
  • Also equipped with white noise and a sub oscillator (from VCO 3)
  • 12dB multimode filter offers lowpass, bandpass, highpass, and notch modes
  • Lots of melodic possibilities even without any external control
  • Internal sequencer
  • Patternator offers unique ways to create and manipulate melodic loops on the fly
  • Interval Generator allows you to transpose patterns on the fly
  • Lots of CV connections for extensive modulation capabilities
  • MIDI to CV converter with clock output for integrating with Eurorack modular rigs
  • Patch Points: 48
  • Dimensions: TBD
  • Weight: TBD
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