AnalogFXVXC-2220 10-Band Eurorack Vocoder


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AnalogFX VXC-2220

Introducing a patchable vocoder to the Eurorack format, AnalogFX's VXC-2220 is based upon the classic Synton 222 vocoder. This single module contains everything you need to start vocoding within your rack—it can even provide phantom power to condenser microphones! Patch in your speech and carrier signals at the left, or use the built-in oscillator to get up-and-running right out of the box.

A vocoder operates by routing two signals through independent sections of parallel filters, with one signal operating as a carrier and the other the modulator. The modulator, usually sung or spoken speech, has envelope followers after each filter, which then affect the output level of the corresponding filters on the carrier—usually an oscillator, pad, or other synthesized element. On the VXC-2220, each of the ten bands has CV patch points: one for its analyzer envelope output, and another for the synthesizer VCA CV input. This allows you to patch in external signals such as LFOs to control the level of carrier bands, route the envelopes out to other destinations in your system, or even acheive spectral transfer by redistributing the envelopes to different bands. Bridge the gap between human and synthesizer with the VXC-2220 from AnalogFX.

VXC-2220 Features

  • Analog vocoder based upon Synton's 222
  • Microphone input with optional phantom power
  • Line inputs for speech and carrier signals
  • Internal oscillator with sawtooth and pulse waveforms, plus noise
  • Individual CV outputs for each analyzer band's envelope follower
  • Individual CV inputs for each synthesizer/carrier band's VCA
  • VCO CV input
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 36hp
  • Depth: 35mm
  • Current draw: 125mA @ +12V, 125mA @ -12V
AnalogFX VXC-2220 10-Band Eurorack Vocoder Reviews