EMWAnalog Drum Synth (BLACK)


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EMW Analog Drum Synth

EMW’s Analog Drum Synth is a self-contained percussion synthesizer capable of creating a variety of analog percussion sounds. The module’s circuitry is based on Korg’s ER-1 drum synthesizer, albeit with all-analog circuitry for even more powerful sounds. 

This is the BLACK edition of the Analog Drum Synth.

Analog Drum Synth Features

  • Architecture Inspired by Korg ER-1 Drum Synthesizer
  • 100% Analog Circuitry
  • Modulation Input with Level Control
  • Impact Tone Control
  • 2 Oscillator Waveforms: Sine and Sawtooth
  • Five Selectable Modulation Types
  • Modulation Speed Control and Noise Pitch Control of Modulator
  • Pitch CV Input with Level Control
  • Modulation Decay Control
  • Selectable Modulation to Pitch CV Control (On/Off)
  • Impact Level Control
  • VCA Decay Amount Control
  • Trigger Input for VCA Section
  • Eurorack Module
  • 22 HP Width
  • 50mm Depth
  • +12V: 57mA Current Draw
  • -12V: 37mA Current Draw
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