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Note: SD Card not included! Supply your own microSD card to make full use of the Alyseum Record.

Alyseum Record

Record is a 6HP performance recorder designed to capture Eurorack sessions with the utmost precision. It is compatible with an array of audio formats and provides high-quality streaming and recording. With Record, users can easily store the intricacies of every performance!

As of January 2018, all Record modules sport firmware version 2.2! This update implements a new file management system, support for full rate WAVs, and fixes minor bugs. The new file management system occupies Bank 01 - Bank 99, with the old management system now occupying Bank 00. With 99 banks of 99 tracks per format, firmware v2.2 allows for a whopping 9,801 files for each format!

Record Features

  • Storage: µSD card format, FAT12, FAT16, FAT32 and exFAT supported or thousand hours maximum record time in WAV @ 44,1KHz, 16 bits.
  • Automatic format and config file generated for empty µSD card
  • File management: 99 Tracks for each format (MP3, OGG & WAV).
  • Direct control via front panel: Play one track, Play all tracks, Pause, Stop, Pause before Record, Record, Record pause, Track selection, 2 or 8 FF/BW, Erase track, Input & Output Level, Format selection, µSD retry & LED luminosity.
  • External control by pulse or gate signal: Play, Record & Pause.
  • Recording format specifications:
  • MP3: 320 kbit/s CBR, 48 kHz stereo,
  • OGG Vorbis: 300 kbit/s VBR, 48 kHz stereo
  • WAV: 1536 kbit/s, 48 kHz 16-bit PCM stereo
  • Recording and Playback audio specifications:
  • AUDIO LEVEL ONLY! (No compatible with CV or Gate or Analog signal)
  • ADC & DAC resolution: 18bits
  • Frequency response 20-20kHz (+/- 0.1dB)
  • Line input S/N ratio: 90dB
  • Line output S/N ratio: 94dB
  • Line input distortion: 0,005%
  • Line output distortion: 0,02%
  • Upgrading firmware is done via the µSD card.
  • 2 X 6 LEDs VU Meter.
  • Eurorack 6 HP wide.
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