ALM Busy CircuitsTAZM-O Analog Through-Zero Oscillator


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ALM Busy Circuits TAZM-O

TAZM-O is an all-analog VCO from ALM Busy Circuits that adds vari-shape waveforms, through-zero modulation, along with other handy features to make this a luscious sounding oscillator. This is their first foray into the realm on analog oscillators and it is certainly an auspicious debut. Taking their favorite features from classic oscillators, the TAZM-O has a dedicated Saw and Sine output along with two Sub outputs, and a Shape output, that derives its waveform from a voltage control, variable shape knob. Save space with a built-in VCA and level knob to free up a channel on your mixer. Generate complex sounds with the FM input and voltage controlled FM Index control. Effortlessly melodic, the TAZM-O from ALM is an analog oscillator that can be the centerpiece of your melody lines and punish the woofers with its bass.

TAZM-O Features

  • All analog oscillator
  • Sine, 2x Sub, Saw, and Vari-shape waveform outputs
  • Built-in VCA and level control
  • FM Index control
  • LFO operation
  • Voltage octave control
  • Sync input
  • Through-zero FM
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 12hp
  • Depth: 38mm
  • Current draw: 70mA @ +12V, 60mA @ -12V
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Product Demo Videos
Introducing TAZM-O - Analog Thru Zero Oscillator
The ‘TAZM-O’ is an analog triangle core oscillator featuring through-zero frequency modulation and a collection of some of our favourite features of classic oscillator designs.

It includes a continuous morphing wave/pulse width shape control inspired by the Serge NTO, dual SH-101 style varied pulse sub octave outputs, a voltage controlled FM Index typically found in larger complex oscillators, a built in output level VCA and voltage controlled octave transposition similar to the multipliers found on Akemie’s Castle digital FM VCO.

Designed to act as the primary oscillator in your system the ‘TAZM-O’ offers a wide range of timbral and patch flexibility within a relatively compact 12HP size, making it the perfect fit for any modular system.
ALM Busy Circuits TAZM-O Analog Through-Zero Oscillator Reviews