ALM Busy CircuitsMFD Stereo Crossfader


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ALM Busy Circuits MFD

Compact and incredibly handy for DJ-style performers, ALM's MFD is a stereo crossfader module with cue mixing and plenty of opportunity for patching fun. Channels A and B feature stereo inputs, allowing you to mix between effects processors, stereo voices, or complete mixes with ease. Cue buttons can assign either channel to the Cue Outputs, allowing you to monitor part of your patch with headphones (via HPO perhaps?) while the rest blasts through the speakers. But standard crossfading isn't all MFD can do—thanks to its DC-coupled design and the inclusion of a X Fade CV input, you can dynamically modulate between complex LFOs or use MFD as a stereo VCA in a pinch. Bring some liveliness to your rig with the MFD by ALM.

MFD Features

  • Stereo crossfader module
  • Supports mono and stereo signals
  • Assignable Cue Outputs
  • X Fade control voltage input
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 6hp
  • Depth: 32mm
  • Current draw: 70mA @ +12V, 70mA @ -12V
Product Demo Videos
Introducing MFD - DJ Crossfader & Stereo VCA
The MFD is a 2-channel stereo crossfader designed for live DJ-style mixing and jamming in Eurorack. Two mono or stereo inputs are mixed to a single stereo output via direct or voltage control. Additional Cue controls provide preview monitoring of either input pre-mix via dedicated Cue switches and an output.

Voltage control over the crossfade and DC coupling allow for further creative uses such as a high quality stereo VCA or as a mix processor for either stereo audio signals or CV.

The MFD is designed to have very low noise and cross bleed and employs equal power crossfading for smooth constant level blending between signal sources.
ALM Busy Circuits MFD Stereo Crossfader Reviews