ALM Busy CircuitsMCFx2 Dual State-Variable Filter


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ALM Busy Circuits MCFx2

From ALM Busy Circuits comes the MCFx2, a fantastic dual filter module with tons of control, CV inputs, and routing capabilities. The filters are mirror images of each other, based on the original MCF found in ALM's System Coupe—great for blending two filter positions from the same signal, filtering two different signals, or even cross-modulation and feedback for some gnarly pseudo-complex oscillating. Basic controls include a cutoff frequency and resonance knobs, with CV input attenuverter and attentuator respectively, allowing you to shape your timbres over time. MCFx2 also has per-filter 1V/Oct inputs for filter tracking, and since the resonance goes into self-oscillation, you basically can consider MCFx2 as two more synth voices!

Each filter has three outputs that run simultaneously, including a low pass, high pass, and a switchable band pass/notch filter that can be set by a jumper on the back of the unit. These three sonic possibilities are great for utilizing one source in a multitude of ways, and introducing the Feed button allows filter one to be fed into filter two for patchless routing. With synchronized control over both filters via the Link button, ALM's MCFx2 is a fantastic and versatile processor and generator for your modular system.

MCFx2 Features

  • Dual analog filter module
  • Two independent low pass filters with cutoff and resonance controls
  • CV input for cutoff frequency and resonance with attenvertors and attenuators, respectively
  • 1V/Oct tracking inputs for each filter
  • Link button for linked cutoff frequency and Feed button for feeding filter one into filter two
  • Three outputs each including a low pass, high pass, and a band pass/notch (switchable via jumpers on the back)
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 14hp
  • Depth: 32mm
  • Current draw: 85mA @ +12V, 85mA @ -12V
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