ALM Busy CircuitsPEXP-2 Pamela's New Workout Expander


No Longer Available Contact us for a recommendation.
Please note: expanders for Pamela's NEW Workout are not compatible with Pamela's Pro Workout

ALM Busy Circuits PEXP-2

The ALM Busy Circuits PEXP-1 is an expansion module for their Pamela’s NEW Workout programmable clock source module.

It provides a 3.5mm MIDI clock out, a fixed x24 clock output, and a run jack out.

PEXP-2 Features

  • 3.5mm jack socketed MIDI Clock output
  • MIDI wiring orientation switchable
  • Buffered x24 & run jack outputs
  • Eurorack Expansion Module
  • Works only with ALM Busy Circuits 
  • Width: 2HP
  • Depth: 22mm
  • Current Draw: Draws power from Pam's
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ALM Busy Circuits PEXP-2 Pamela's New Workout Expander Reviews