ALM Busy CircuitsD.S.G. Din Sync Adapter


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ALM Busy Circuits D.S.G.

The ALM Busy Circuits D.S.G. is comprised of three DIN sync connections. Since the clock and run signals split into separate jacks, the module allows for the essentially effortless connection of DIN sync compatible devices, including both Eurorack modules, vintage synthesizers, and drum machines. 

D.S.G. Features

  • Each jack is normalized to jack above
  • Distribute clock signal to up to three external devices
  • Compatible with classic Roland devices (808, 606, 303, etc)
  • Eurorack Module
  • 4 HP Width
  • ~25mm Depth
  • Supply: None - the module is passive
ALM Busy Circuits D.S.G. Din Sync Adapter Reviews