ALM Busy CircuitsBoss Bow Tie 8-way VC Switch


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ALM Busy Circuits Boss Bow Tie

The ALM Busy Circuits Boss Bow Tie is an 8-way bidirectional CV switch for use in Eurorack synthesizer systems. The unit can be configured in any combination of 1:8 outputs or 8:1 inputs. A dedicated control input features an attenuverter with offset for precise control over the module’s I/Os. There’s also a Gate input that activates and deactivates the switch, allowing for the creation of distinctly rhythmic patterns. 

Though the module is intended for CV signals, it can process audio signals, albeit with some audible clicks. 

Boss Bow Tie Features

  • 8 way bidirectional voltage controlled switch
  • 1 input into any 1 of up to 8 outputs -or- 1 of up to 8 inputs into a single output
  • Attenuverter and Offset controls for control voltage input
  • Normalized ‘Gate’ input to enable/disable switch
  • Fast switching up to audio rates
  • Skiff friendly
  • Designed and built in England
  • Eurorack Module
  • 6 HP Width
  • 32mm Depth (including power header)
  • Supply: +/-12V (Reverse voltage protection)
  • Current Draw: ~50ma
Product Demo Videos
Quick Tip: Rhythmic Pattern With A Eurorack Sequential Switch Tutorial
This quick tip explains how to make a rhythmic pattern with a eurorack modular sequential switch.

Modules you will need:
- a sequential switch
- a clock (for clocked sequential switches) or an LFO or sequencer (for voltage controlled sequential switches)
- multiple sound sources

The patch:
- sound sources to inputs of sequential switch
- either sequencer to voltage control input of sequential switch
- or clock to clock input of sequential switch
- sequential switch output is your rhythmic pattern.

You can vary your pattern by modulating or manually tweaking the input sounds, or changing the order they are plugged into the switch in. You can leave inputs of the switch with nothing plugged in if you want spaces in your pattern. If you are using a voltage controlled switch like in the video change your sequencer pattern to change your rhythm pattern.

You could even experiment with making melodies this way by patching multiple pitched sound sources into the switch.
ALM Busy Circuits Boss Bow Tie 8-way VC Switch Reviews