Alexander PedalsSyntax Error 2 Stereo Pitch Shifter Pedal


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Alexander Syntax Error 2 Stereo Pitch Shifter Pedal

Designed to add dimension, density, and texture to your guitar and synth sounds in a compact and easy-to-use format, look no further than the Alexander Pedals Syntax Error 2: a multimode, stereo pitch shifter with tons of control. At face value, you're presented with a colorful pedal packed with controls, an OLED display, and some footswitches; however, Syntax Error 2 offers a deep amount of control, internally and externally, over the six available modes. The Mode knob allows you to scroll through sound modes with a twist, change the control pages with a press, and dive deeper into editing the pedal's audio routing, jack configuration, and more with a hold. The Mix knob acts as a dry/wet balance for the overall effect while also acting as a data controller for menu dives.

Each of the modes have general controls for maintaining consistent tone while adding a variety of movement through mode switching. These controls include a sample crusher that reduces your bit depth and sample rate, a pitch shifter that spans -1 to +1 octave, a pitch mix for balancing the mix of any pitch shifts, a volume control over the effect, and a tone control to dampen any unwanted brightness. Syntax Error 2's six modes offer three unique controls per mode, and combined with the previously mentioned parameters, you are able to edit all effect variables via the A, B, X, and Y knobs found at the top of the unit.

For getting freeze and glitchy textures, Stretch mode captures your audio into a buffer and plays it back in real-time, while Air mode smoothes out your signal through a granular, lo-fi reverb effect. Ring mode acts somewhat like a ring modulator in that it adds extra frequencies in a mathematical relation to the original tone, and the harsh cubic distortion tones of Cube mode will give you massive fuzz sounds with a tunable resonant filter. The final two modes include Freq mode, in which Syntax Error 2 adds or subtracts frequencies much like a frequency shifter, and Wave mode, supplying time based effects to create chorus, vibrato, flangers, and FM effects.

Diving deeper, the internal mini-sequencer is a source of built-in magic to add depth to your sound design—programmable and mappable to any of the pedal knobs, while the complementary Control footswitch acts as a live performance interface for the mini-sequencer. If you manage to stumble upon the perfect sound, Syntax Error 2 provides 32 savable presets for live performance recall via the bypass footswitch, and while only eight are accessible directly from Syntax Error 2's footswitch, you can expand access with additional MIDI control. Syntax Error 2 can not only process mono inputs, but also support stereo TRS input, making for twice the sonic complexity. Additionally, you can determine the routing of the outputs as a stereo pair or a mono and dry signal output, and if that wasn't enough routing, the MULTI input can be configured to work with Expression input, footswitch input, and MIDI I/O for ultimate performance control.

With the addition of a USB mini-B input for keeping firmware up-to-date or syncing over MIDI, Syntax Error 2 presents an easy and intuitive performance and production tool for creating harmonically deep or disturbing sonic profiles.

Syntax Error 2 Features

  • Multi-mode pitch shifting pedal
  • Six sound modes (Stretch, Air, Ring, Cube, Freq, and Wave)
  • Up to 32 savable presets and 8 recallable
  • Programmable mini-sequencer to control any one of the pedal knobs
  • Mode selector knob and mix knob for selecting and balancing tone
  • A, B, X, and Y knobs for controlling main and alternative parameters of each mode
  • Bypass and control footswitch with multiple uses
  • Mono or TRS stereo input and configurable outputs (L/Mono and R/Dry)
  • Configurable multi input for Expression pedal, remote footswitch, or MIDI I/O
  • USB mini-B for firmware updates and USB MIDI
  • Dimensions: 3.7" x 4.7" x 1.6"
  • Power Specs: 9VDC center-negative (not included)
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