Alexander PedalsHistory Lesson Volume 3 Multi-Mode Delay Pedal


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Alexander Pedals History Lesson Volume 3

Add a variety of modulated delays to your effects rig with the History Lesson Volume 3 from Alexander Pedals, a continuation of their multi-type delay with six modes for anything from clean and pristine to raw and crunchy. All of History Lesson's modes feature the same set of parameters, including delay time and feedback, modulation rate and amount, delay tone, and overall blend between dry and wet. These basic controls will allow you to set up a solid delay setting and flip between the several timbral flavors including magnetic tape, analog BBD, 24-bit clean and 12-bit resonant, lofi-tape, and even a four-header tape mode.

Performability with the History Lesson is a cinch with an on-board tap tempo footswitch that can tap in different divisions as well as preset swapping up to four presets on the bypass switch. Further expansion of control can be implemented via the multi jack, introducing expression pedal modulation, Alexander's Neo footswitch for multi-parameter blending, and even MIDI over TRS! With extra MIDI functionality as well as firmware updates over USB, the History Lesson is a stellar option for adding rhythmic complexity and depth to your sound design.

History Lesson Volume 3 Features

  • Multi-type delay pedal
  • Six different modes with unique timbres inspired by analog and digital gear of the past
  • Modes include magnetic tape, bucket-brigade, 24-bit clean digital, lofi tape, multi-tap 4 tape head, and 12-bit resonant filter
  • Main controls include delay time and feedback, modulation amount, and dry/wet mix
  • Alternative controls include modulation rate, delay tone, and output level
  • Determine trail length from zero to ten seconds
  • Dual output over TRS (mix on tip and dry on ring)
  • Footswitches work for bypass, tap tempo, tap division, and preset swapping (4 onboard, 16 over MIDI)
  • Multijack for expression pedal, Neo footswitch morphing, or even MIDI control
  • mini-USB functionality for MIDI control and firmware updates
  • Dimensions: 4.7" x 2.6" x 1.5" (H x W x D)
  • Power Specs: 9V DC, 100mA (PSU not included)
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