Alexander PedalsFever Pitch 4-Voice Pitch Shifter Pedal


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Alexander Pedals Fever Pitch

The Fever Pitch by Alexander Pedals is a four-voice, stereo pitch shifter with built-in effects and unique routing options. The core of the device is a four-part parallel pitch shifting section which lets you customize each node to a particular tuning, panning, and volume. All four parts get mixed together before going through a reverb/delay block, then through a stereo tremolo/pan, finally into a stereo chorus/vibrato and through to the stereo outs. Having contained effects makes creating symphonic, synth-like sounds fairly easy by dialing in the right pitches and combining the effects to taste. A dedicated ramp footswitch lets you have momentary access to a built-in expression pedal which can act as a toggle, momentary, or repeating fashion. It works by morphing between two knob positions: adjust your settings, press and hold the ramp button (in toggle mode), dial-in new settings, and now you can move between the two. An external expression jack is also available and functions the same way which can accept CV that does not exceed 3.3V. The Fever Pitch is a great addition to any pedalboard looking for adding a few extra harmonics and richer chords.

Fever Pitch Features

  • 4-Voice stereophonic pitch shifter
  • Built-in reverb/delay, tremolo/pan, and chorus/vibrato
  • Stereo TRS input and stereo outs
  • Expression/MIDI input
  • Bypass switch
  • Tap/Ramp switch
  • 5 Stereo routing options for use with any setup
  • LCD screen for easy navigation with 6 control knobs
  • Dimensions: 3.7" x 4.7" x 1.6"
  • Power Specs: 9VDC, 250mA (PSU not included)
Alexander Pedals Fever Pitch 4-Voice Pitch Shifter Pedal Reviews