Alex GrahamDrumfax 1 : The Preset Rhythm Box Guide


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Alex Graham Drumfax 1

Drumfax 1: The Preset Rhythm Box Guide by Alex Graham is a comprehensive guide to what were once called preset rhythm boxes. These early drum machines arrived in the 1960's and were widely produced. Musicians could now have backing tracks to play along to without the need for a drummer. The 1980's ushered in the new age of programmable drum machines, which was the nail in the coffin for the preset rhythm boxes. 300 different machines are explored in over 150 pages, with detailed descriptions and photographs. These include classic rhythm boxes like the Korg Mini Pops, Ace Tone Rhythm Aces, Roland CompuRhythms, and Kawai Rhythmers.

Drumfax 1 Features

  • Author:Alex Graham
  • 177 pages
  • 21.6 x 1 x 27.9 cm
  • 177 pages
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