AJH SynthMiniMod Multi Burst Envelopes

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AJH Synth Multi Burst Envelopes

AJH Synth's Multi Burst Envelopes is a unique burst generator that adds an envelope to each impulse, resulting in shapeable modulation. In collaboration with Tom Wiltshire, this module is a first of its kind that can generate complex envelope burst sequences that would otherwise require a slew of individual modules and complex patching. At its core is a selectable 1–40 burst sequence, which can be shaped in one eight ways: sine, log down, log up, expo down, ramp up, triangle, ramp down and pulse.

The real fun comes in when you start to adjust the shape of the envelopes. Dedicated PW and Slope control lets you set the width of the envelope and the shape of the sequence. The PW control lets you change the length of each burst from 20ms to 2.5s—when you start to combine that into a sequence, you can get long, interesting sequences or a short chaotic burst.

Use the internal clock or patch an external source to give you complete control over the rate of your burst. A trigger input functions in two modes: One shot, which plays an entire sequence when it sees a trigger, ignoring any other triggers until it completes; and a Retrigger mode that will restart the sequence every time a new trigger is present. An auxiliary Gate output is available, should even more complex modulation be desired. Finally, a CLK input and companion button lets you increment the sequence by one on each impulse or button press.

In just 12 HP, the Multi Burst Envelopes from AJH Synth is an incredible solution for complex modulation without taking up too much space.

Multi Burst Envelopes Features

  • Enveloped burst generator
  • 8 Envelope shapes
  • 1–40 Sequence length
  • 2 Mode trigger input: One-shot and Retrigger
  • CV Controllable slope parameter
  • CV Controllable P-Width for individual bursts of 20ms–2.5s
  • LFO Rate for internal clock
  • CLK Button and CV for manual triggering of bursts
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 12hp
  • Depth: 26mm
  • Current draw: 28mA @ +12v, 12mA @ -12v
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AJH Synth MiniMod Multi Burst Envelopes Reviews