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AJH SynthMiniMod Glide & Noise

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AJH Synth MiniMod Glide & Noise

The AJH Synth MiniMod Glide and Noise utilizes circuitry from the Moog Model D to bring users a powerful and useful module for their Eurorack modular system. The module makes use of a discrete dual FET circuit with a hold function for gating the glide. Patching the module alongside a MIDI to CV converter (itself connected to a MIDI keyboard) and sending high gate signals to the CV input activates the glide, allowing for triggered behavior whenever a key is depressed.

There's also an analog transistor-based noise generator, which is entirely independent from the grid circuits. It features three outputs: white, pink, and red.

MiniMod Glide & Noise Features

  • Glide + Noise Eurorack Module featuring both the Glide and Noise Generator circuitry from the Moog Model D Synthesizer
  • Discrete Dual FET Circuit in Glide circuitry (Includes a hold function that can gate the glide effect)
  • Glide is only active when the Hold CV input is high (If the hold input is connected to the gate output of a MIDI/CV convertor then the glide will be active only while the key is actually depressed, emulating the exact behavior of the original Model D synthesizer)
  • Glide Up only and Glide Down only modes in addition to the standard Glide Up & Down mode of the original circuit
  • Glide Speed Control: Controls the slew speed of the glide effect (Turning CW slows down the Glide/Slew rate, asymmetric operation like Model D – glides up considerably faster than it glides down emulated to perfection!)
  • Glide ON/OFF Switch (It is NOT a bypass switch, its function is the same as turning the Glide Speed full CCW)
  • Glide Mode 3-Way Select Switch: Selects the Glide Mode (Center Position: Glide is active on both rising and falling input voltages, UP Position: Glide effect is only active on rising input voltages and will drop instantly and track falling input voltages, DOWN Position: Module will glide down at the rate set on by the Glide Speed Control but will rise instantly and track rising input voltages
  • Hold CV Input: Gate Control Voltage (+2V to +10V) applied to this input turns on the Glide effect (If gate voltage is zero/low then "Hold" mode is active and the Glide Output is held at the last voltage received irrespective of changes to the Glide CV Input)
  • Glide CV Input: ±10V (however only positive voltages 0-6V are processed, negative voltages are ignored and voltages between +6V and +10V are limited to +6V)
  • Glide CV Output: Output range of 0 to +6V and an impedance of approximately 500 Ohms
  • Red Noise Output: Commonly used as a random control voltage rather than an audio signal
  • White Noise Output: Generated using a specially selected transistor in avalanche mode and using the exact circuitry from the Model D
  • Pink Noise Output: Generated using the same discrete transistor circuitry as the Model D
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 6hp
  • Depth: 54mm
  • Current draw: 35mA @ +12V, 35mA @ -12V
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