AJH SynthLunar Module Apollo Space Mission Simulator


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AJH Synth Lunar Module

"Houston, we have modular." The Lunar Module from AJH brings Apollo-era space missions to your Eurorack system. Designed to recreate the sound of ground to space and space to ground transmissions, it can be used to process external microphones or any source of audio in your setup. The mic input provides power for electret capsule microphones, but will not power microphones that require phantom power.

In ground to space mode, a 250ms 2525Hz Quindar signal will be heard when the push to talk button is engaged. When released, a second 250ms Quindar signal will be heard but at 2475Hz. The level is controlled by the QUIN level control. This signal was necessary for communicating with space missions via radio signals and the signal's frequency would turn on or off transmitters broadcasting to the space mission.

Space to ground mode offers more possibilities for control and processing. Distortion, noise, bandwidth limiting, and HUM/LGM tone can be added to the input signals. The distortion has variable amount, while the noise has variable color and level controls. The input signal has its bandwidth limited to simulate transmission over phone lines. Additionally, a 50Hz or 60Hz HUM signal or "little green men" (LGM) tone can be added to the signal with variable frequency and level. The LGM tone is great for tuned noise sounds, particularly when used in conjunction with the noise and distortion controls. Carefully using the LGM tone in conjunction with loudspeaker feedback will result in theremin like tones that can be played expressively with microphone placement and manual tuning. The quindar and capsule inputs have toggle switches, momentary buttons, and gate inputs that can be used to engage either mode.

Lunar Module Features

  • Space transmission simulator
  • Recreate the sounds of 1960's and 70's space missions
  • Add noise, distortion, and bandwidth limiting to signals
  • 50Hz, 60Hz, or little green men tuned noise signals
  • 250ms Quindar signals at the start and end of transmissions
  • Variable color noise source
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 14hp
  • Depth: 26mm
  • Current draw: 35mA @ +12V, 10mA @ -12V
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