AJH SynthChance Delay Probability Gate Delay


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AJH Synth Chance Delay

Designed in collaboration with Ian Boddy/Tone Science, the AJH Chance Delay is an homage to randomness, specifically in the context of delaying and shaping trigger and gate signals. At its core, Chance Delay offers the ability to determine whether gates will pass through the module via the aptly named Chance control, which of course ranges from 0% to 100%. From there, two additional circuits process and condition gate and trigger signals: Delay and Length. Trigger and Gate onsets may be postponed with the Delay circuit, operating in Slow and Fast time ranges. With Length, you can easily convert gates into triggers or triggers into gates, depending on how the module is set. If you're looking to liven up clock or trigger signals in your rack, the AJH Chance Delay is worth a peek.

Chance Delay Features

  • Probabilistic gate + trigger delay
  • Variable Chance control defines the percent chance of a gate passing through
  • Delay control defines the amount of time before rising gates are passed to the output
  • Delay time ranges: Fast: 0.5 - 2 seconds, Slow: 2 - 30 seconds
  • Length control sets duration of output gate
  • Gate Pass-through mode at 0
  • Fast and Slow length switches: 0.5 - 2 seconds, 2 - 30 seconds
  • Manual trigger button
  • CV inputs for chance, delay, and length
  • 26mm
  • 25mA @ +12V, 6mA @ -12V
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