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After Later AudioThreads MIDI to CV Converter - 1U


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After Later Audio Threads

After Later Audio has condensed Mutable Instruments' Yarns into a 1U package with Threads. This MIDI to CV converter features four channels of CV and four channels of gates.

The module outputs note, velocity, modulation, aftertouch CV, and gate, trigger, and clock/reset signals in single voice mode. The two-voice mode offers two sets of two CV outputs (note, modulation, or aftertouch) and two gate or clock outputs. Four voice mode includes four pairs of CV/gate outputs. Built-in digital LFOs function as vibrato, pitch-bend, or add glide/portamento to sequences, without the need for additional modules.

In addition to converting MIDI messages to CV, Threads functions as a sequencer. Sequencing modes including Euclidean gate sequencing, arpeggiator, and a 64-step SH-101-style sequencer with note record. Threads not only outputs standard MIDI notes but also features options for microtonal and just intonation sequencing. The CV outputs also feature a mode where they can function as digital oscillators.

Threads uses the Intellijel 1U format and even features a connector on the rear to attach to the MIDI jacks included on some Intellijel cases. Threads condenses these functions down into a compact 1U form factor, providing features not found in many MIDI to CV converters.

Threads Features

  • MIDI to CV converter
  • Four CV and four gate/clock outputs
  • SH-101-style note record sequencer with up to 64-steps
  • One voice, two voice, or four voice modes
  • Polyphonic or multitimbral functions in two and four-voice modes
  • Built-in LFOs for vibrato and portamento
  • Euclidean gate sequencer
  • Just intonation and microtonal modes
  • CV outputs also function as oscillators with a selection of waveforms
  • MIDI in and out on 3.5mm jacks
  • TBD
  • 60mA @ +12V, 2mA @ -12V
After Later Audio Threads MIDI to CV Converter - 1U Reviews