After Later AudioSHTH Sample/Track & Hold


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After Later Audio SHTH

Offering two methods of holding voltage to make stepped outputs comes After Later Audio's SHTH, a CV processing module showcasing both sample & hold section and track & hold. In the first half of the module, SHTH's sample & hold acts as such, sampling the input when a high voltage is sent to the SAMP input and outputting the resulting held voltage until triggered again. Paired with a white noise output, the sample & hold input jack is normalled to the NSE output with no need for processing a specific voltage.

The second half of SHTH features the track & hold section in which the output passes the signal and only holds a voltage when TRACK is set to high. Much like the NSE out, the WALK jack outputs a random voltage that is normalled to the T&H input. For stepping and adding interest and pause to your LFOs, envelopes, or any CV, add these two classic flavors of voltage creation by bringing After Later Audio's SHTH to your modular system.

SHTH Features

  • Dual stepping output module
  • Sample & hold and track & hold sections
  • Sample & hold section features a white noise output normalled to the input jack
  • Track & hold section a random voltage "walk" output normalled to the input jack
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 2hp
  • Depth: TBD
  • Current draw: TBD
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