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After Later AudioQARV Quad Attack Release VCA


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After Later Audio QARV

After Later Audio's QARV brings heavy amounts of functionality to your modular system with four channels of CV and audio processing. Short for Quad Attrack Release VCA, each channel shares several qualities, including an attack-release function, unipolar looping, and even a VCA. Attack and release times may be controlled manually for fine tuning as well as individually modulated by CV, and while their contour is defined by the shape attenuverter for achieving linear, exponential or logarithmic curves in your envelopes. Each OUT has an output attenuverter for creating inverted shapes, and each VCA output is normalled to the next channel for doing complex CV control over a single or multiple signals.

Where QARV starts deviating in its channels is a split from channels one and four from two and three. With channels one and four, you have individual rise and fall gates for introducing logic and synchronization to your patches, and both channels also can only act as a VCA/slew or generator based on the middle TRIG/IN switch. Channels one and four also can act as voltage sources with channel one ranging 5V and channel two ranging 10V—great for adding offsets to signals or inverting their range. The middle channels, two and three, feature bipolar cycling for creating traditional oscillator and LFOs, individual trigger and CV/audio inputs, and an additional BOTH CV input for controlling attack and release together for linear change.

QARV is an amazing utility for those needing loads of modulation and processing channels as much as for those who are starting out and need loads of functionality packed into one module.

QARV Features

  • Quad Attack Release VCA module
  • Capable of function generation, slew limiting, oscillating, and more
  • Four channels of unipolar one shot or looping AR envelopes
  • CV input for each channel's attack and release parameter
  • Attenuverters for each channel's output and envelope/oscillator shape
  • Normalled outputs from channel one to four
  • Dedicated function/envelope output and VCA output
  • Channel one and four offer unique features such as 5V and 10V source, trigger or input CV in, and rise & fall gate outputs
  • Channel two and three offer unique features such as bipolar looping/oscillating, separate trigger and input CV ins, and a BOTH CV input for modulating attack and release simultaneously
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 20hp
  • Depth: TBD
  • Current draw: TBD
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