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After Later AudioBarback Channel Expander for Bartender


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After Later Audio Barback

Barback is a two-channel mixer expander for the After Later Audio Bartender, offering two additional channels of stereo mixing for your Eurorack system. The channels of Barback are identical to those found on the larger Bartender, offering the same controls for pan, level, gain, sends, and muting. Barback also delivers the same cue bus functionality, effortlessly routing into your end-of-chain Bartender's sends.

With one Bartender and a Barback, you can make a six-channel stereo mixer. Thanks to After Later Audio's multiple expansion options, the possibilities don't stop there. If you need even more channels, both modules may be cascaded via jumpers on the back to create mixers with up to 16 total channels. Add a Send-VCA to use CV control over send levels for automated effects, gated reverbs, and more. Cast Iron adds a simple single stereo channel to your system without sends or cue functionality. USB-2CH adds an easy way to get your mix into a DAW and have signals come back out for processing in your modular system. Start designing the Eurorack mixer of your dreams today with After Later Audio's Barback expander for Bartender.

Barback Features

  • Two-channel mixer expander for Bartender
  • Adds two channels of mixing to your Bartender mixing system
  • Channels are identical to those in the Bartender, for comprehensive mixing options
  • Connect a single Barback to a Bartender or daisy chain multiples of either module for up to 16 channels of stereo mixing
  • Connect expanders via pin headers on the back of the module for a clutter-free interface
  • Connect additional ALA modules for added functionality: DVCA, Cast Iron, Mingles, and USB-2CH are all compatible
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 10hp
  • Depth: 35mm
  • Current draw: 125mA @ +12V, 100mA @ -12V
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