ADDAC SystemADDAC807 VC Stereo Summing Mixer (Black)


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Massive in size and functionality, the ADDAC807 from ADDAC System is a stereo summing mixer bundle of two modules that provides one of the most flexible and comprehensive takes on Eurorack mixing. Robust with routing, the ADDAC807 breaks its entire system into two sibling modules: the main console that handles all the control and leveling, and the input console which feeds all the inputs and outputs, audio and CV. The system comprises five independent channels that can feed to a number of different processing and output paths, including three send and returns, a cue mix, a matrix mix, and a master output, most of which provide means to handle both Eurorack and line-level signals.

Each channel offers manual and voltage-controllable volume and panning with dedicated attenuverters for each, and further processing can be applied via the three available sends with individual pre/post switching. This alone allows for successful mixing through balancing levels, applying external effects, and more which can be tailored to act as a dynamic mix rather than a stagnant balance. Easily mute or route each channel via the three way cue/mix toggle and perform quick mutes with the onboard mute buttons. Additional channel features include dedicated mono outputs that can be pre or post "fader" as well as a polarity inverter for cleaning up any phase issues within your mix.

Not only can you balance each channel, but level controls over sends, returns, cue, matrix, and master volume can all be set manually and modulated via the CV input and attenuverter. Like the channel routing, the return tracks can be set off or route to either the cue or mix balance, and the cue channel itself can be routed into the master for separate processing such as parallel compression or elsewise. Further routing can be placed both in the matrix channel as well as the headphone output, where the matrix handles a choice of sends and returns to blend in as well as the cue mix itself, making for an interesting blend that isn't traditional in many mixers. The headphone section has two outputs that share not only a level control but also a routing control over listening back to the cue, master, and any of the sends or returns for reference.

With amazing LEDs all over to indicate position and levels and a highly defined and laid out UI, ADDAC System's ADDAC807 is a perfect solution for larger modular systems that can integrate external synths for live performance or production.

ADDAC807 Features

  • Stereo summing mixer module set
  • Comprised of a main console (ADDAC807A) and an input console (ADDAC807B)
  • Five stereo input channels with volume and panning controls and CV inputs
  • Three stereo sends with individual pre/post switches and send amounts per channel
  • Mute switches, polarity switches, and eurorack/line-level switches per channel
  • Individual mono outputs with pre/post VCA switches per channel
  • Send and return controls with CV inputs and attenuverters
  • Additional matrix mix with level controls as well as stereo and mono outputs
  • Two headphone outputs with a shared level and playback source switching
  • Cue and Master level, CV input, and attenuverters
  • Cue balance and send to master output
  • Line level and eurorack level stereo outputs
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 80hp
  • Depth: 45mm
  • Current draw: 650mA @ +12V, 650mA @ -12V
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