ADDAC SystemADDAC508 Swell Physics


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ADDAC System ADDAC508 Swell Physics

Following the trajectory set by their cult favorite Marble Physics, ADDAC System presents the ADDAC508 Swell Physics: a multi-channel modulation source based on a digital fluid simulation. Ever dreamt about modulating your modular system based on the movement of the ocean? This is now a very real (albeit simulated) possibility.

Swell Physics is based on a conceptual model called the Gerstner Wave. This model is especially designed for two-dimensional wave generation, and is a common tool for generating water surfaces in animation and computer graphics. In ADDAC508, though, it is used to generate control voltages and gates for deploying related-but-distinct modulation and timing signal throughout your Eurorack system.

Swell Physics places four conceptual buoys on the surface of a body of water. You can control their distance from one another, as well as various aspects of the surface's behavior: agitation, speed, swell size, etc. These variables are used to calculate the vertical displacement of the buoys—and this vertical displacement is produced as a control voltage at Outputs 1–4 along the bottom of the module. You additionally get an average out (an instantaneous average of the state of all four buoys), as well as gate outputs that compare outputs 1 and 2 or 3 and 4, respectively. You also get CV inputs (with attenuverters!) for size, spread, simulation speed, and agitation, making it a dynamic destination for further modulation or self-patching experiments.

If you're looking for a fresh and surprisingly organic way of adding generative dynamic movement to your patches, get ready to dive into the deep end with ADDAC508 Swell Physics.

ADDAC508 Swell Physics Features

  • Multi-modulation source based on a model of fluid physics
  • Generates four modulation outputs representative of four buoys on the surface of the ocean
  • Controls for physical spread of the buoys, swell size and agitation, simulation speed, output gain, and offset
  • CV control of size, spread, speed, and agitation
  • Comparison-based gate outputs for driving your system
  • Average output for instantaneous output of all four distinct output channels
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 10hp
  • Depth: 45mm
  • Current draw: 70mA @ +12V, 40mA @ -12V
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