ADDAC SystemADDAC507 Random Bézier Waves (Black)


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The ADDAC507 Random Bézier Waves delivers two channels of smooth random CV generation with plenty of self-patched interaction to get your synth's CV inputs wiggling in weird ways. Designed in collaboration with Rijnder Kamerbeek aka Monotrail, Random Bézier Waves is a straightforward and useful utility for bringing complex and evolving modulation to your Eurorack system.

Each side of the module offers identical and independent smooth random voltage sources. These create modulation curves as the output value interpolates between its current position and new random values, which are introduced at steady intervals determined by the frequency control. A level control for each channel acts like a VCA, attenuating the depth of modulation produced on the output. A three-position switch lets you determine what happens when voltages exceed the maximum, allowing you to limit, wave fold, or wrap voltages around the -5V to +5V range. Offset shifts the entire range of modulation up or down to pinpoint the sweet spots in the automated parameter. Finally, curve controls the shape of interpolation between values for sculpting the perfect musical gesture.

The frequency and level CV inputs for each channel are normalled to the output of the opposite channel, delivering a complex and self-patched random LFO source right out of the box for endlessly shifting generative patches. This normalization can be broken by inserting cables to the CV inputs, or adjusting the normalization switches on the back of the module. Multiple outputs provide related but different modulation sources for controlling musical parameters. An inverted output is available for both which mirrors the shape of the main output, as well as average outputs which offer the average of both main outputs and an inverted copy of that average. Channel A's gate output is steady and tied to its frequency setting, sending a trigger on each new value. On channel B, the gate output acts as a comparator, sending a gate with the main output is positive. This is perfect for creating random gates which can control other time-based events in your patch.

While fairly straightforward in operation, ADDAC507 Random Bézier Waves is capable of deeply complex modulation to keep patches moving and changing over sequences, or even setting up generative self-playing patches with minds of their own. If you're in need of random modulation, Random Bézier Waves is a fantastic choice offering limitless exploration and experimentation in a digestible package.

ADDAC507 Features

  • 2-channel smooth random CV source with clock, random gates, and multiple outputs
  • Generates random modulation curves by interpolating between random values at regular intervals
  • Each channel features frequency, level, offset, and curve controls
  • Frequency controls rate of random change
  • Level attenuates the total range of modulation with selectable modes for dealing with maximum values
  • Offset adjusts position of modulation curve up or down
  • Curve adjusts the shape of interpolation for rounder or sharper changes
  • Frequency and Level CV inputs for each channel
  • CV inputs normalled to opposite channel's main output when unpatched for even more random change
  • Channel A's Gate outputs on each new random value
  • Channel B's gate out is high when output B is positive and off when output B is negative for random gates
  • Inverted outputs for each channel
  • Average and inverted average of A and B offer additional, related modulation outputs
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 10hp
  • Depth: 45mm
  • Current draw: 70mA @ +12V, 40mA @ -12V
ADDAC System ADDAC507 Random Bézier Waves (Black) Reviews