ADDAC SystemADDAC106 T-Noiseworks (Black)


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ADDAC System's ADDAC106 is an addition to their fantastic T-Networks lineup coming in as the T-Noiseworks, a noise-driven, four-voice percussion module utilizing the t-network filters found in classic drum machines. The ADDAC106 offers independent control over each voice's timbre and playback with the first three modules sharing the same parameters and the fourth reflecting more of the original T-Networks module's voice archetype. Each voice starts with a noise source that is fed into a t-networks resonant filter, tunable to a range set by the frequency control along with the center timbre switches.

The first three voices feature a hat/snare switch that either cuts out low and mid frequencies or passes the noise fully, respectively, while the fourth voice's three-way switch represents ranges for the frequency knob to sweep—low/mod/high. These voice options offer wide ranges of hat, cymbal, snare, clap, and other percussion sounds for creating powerful and multi-timbral rhythmic material, but don't be fooled by its percussion nature as the ADDAC106 can shape its amplitude in a variety of ways. Additionally, one of the largest differences is the placement of the t-networks filter, where the first three voices are pre-VCA and the fourth voice is post-VCA.

Each voice features a dedicated input for triggering or shaping the sound determined via the associated input switch. Trigger mode is fantastic for utilizing any source and translating it based on a fixed threshold into 1ms triggers, and Envelope mode accepts CV inputs that can be anything from a simple gate, LFO, or envelope to complex, multi-stage modulation. Both of these pass through a slewing circuit that is determined by the decay control, allowing short blips and bursts or long tails, and the third mute mode is great for performance when taking elements out of the mix.

Further processing can be done to each of ADDAC106's voices or take the summed mix signal from the middle of the module with an optional saturation unit determined by the clean/dirt switch. Add the ADDAC106 to your modular system for adding a new take on the fantastic percussion voicing of classic drum machines.

ADDAC106 Features

  • Four voice percussion module
  • Noise source driving t-network filters (first three voices pre-VCA, fourth voice post-VCA)
  • Timbre switch for setting high-pass filter cutoff (hat = cuts lows and mids, snare = no filtering)
  • Voice four features a low/mod/high range switch found in their T-Networks module
  • Resonant filter tuned per voice via Frequency control
  • Assignable voice inputs accepting gates, CV, or audio-rate signals
  • Trigger sets all inputs to a 1ms trigger, Mute cancels incoming signals, and Envelope utilizes CV to shape the voice
  • Decay control for setting length of voice's tail
  • Independent voice outputs as well as a mix output with a summing volume control
  • Dirt/clean switch for applying mixdown saturation
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 8hp
  • Depth: 40mm
  • Current draw: 40mA @ +12V, 40mA @ -12V
ADDAC System ADDAC106 T-Noiseworks (Black) Reviews