ADDAC SystemADDAC506 Stochastic Function Generator


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The ADDAC506 Stochastic Function Generator is a modulation powerhouse perfect for complex envelopes. It features four channels of envelope/slew generation. There are controls for global maximum rise/fall and minimum rise/fall. Every trigger or start of cycle of the envelope, the module randomly selects a new rise and fall time based on these controls. If the minimum setting is above the maximum setting, no modulation will occur and the settings will act as a fixed control for the envelope time. The rise/fall min/max controls all have dedicated CV inputs with attenuverters.

Each of the four channels have controls for shape from linear to logarithmic, bipolar amplitude control, and offset, for setting the zero position of the envelope. Switches are available per channel for locking the envelopes to the current rise and fall settings to allow for four-channels of independent envelopes that can be unlocked and edited on the fly. There are also switches on each channel for range, slew/trigger modes, and loop/one shot, which when active, causes the envelope to self-cycle. There are end of cycle and end of fall trigger outputs as well as gate outputs that are active when the channel is rising and off when falling or stopped. Average mix out produces an average CV calculated from the four channels, and summing mix out produces a sum of all the channels.

ADDAC506 Features

  • Four-channel complex envelope generator
  • End of rise, end of fall, and rise only gate outputs
  • Switches for locking parameters, looping, slew/trigger, and range
  • Attenuverters for all CV inputs
  • Per-envelope triggering and control of curve, amplitude, and offset
  • Mix and average output
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 20hp
  • Depth: 200mA @ +12v, 150mA @ -12v
ADDAC System ADDAC506 Stochastic Function Generator Reviews