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AdamS3X-V 3-Way Studio Monitor (SINGLE)


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Adam S3X-V

The new SX-Series is based on ADAM's highly acclaimed S-Series. However, it is not a simple revision of existing models but a fundamental transformation with no details having been overlooked and every sound crucial aspect has been evaluated. All transducers, drivers and electronics have been redesigned. The result is much more than an improvement, it is a quantum leap in professional monitoring.

All models of the SX-Series are equipped with the new X-ART tweeter. The X-ART tweeter has a 4dB higher efficiency, a 3dB higher maximum sound pressure level, and an increase in frequency response up to 50 kHz. The newly designed broadband A/B amplifier has been developed by ADAM to perfectly match the needs and capabilities of the X-ART tweeter. The entire range of sound can be heard as never before.

The new HexaCone woofers are designed with larger and longer voice coils that deliver more linear excursion for higher SPL max. values. A stronger magnetic structure is added as well for an optimum in efficiency and accuracy.

All SX-models (except the S1X) can be optionally retrofitted with a 24 bit/192 kHz D/A Converter featuring an AES/EBU (XLR) and a SPDIF (RCA) inputs as well as a R/L/Mono switch. All models can optionally be magnetically shielded.

Six controls to change the settings for input sensitivity, lower frequencies, and higher frequencies can be found on the new, highly sophisticated front panel."

Using the newly developed 4” HexaCone midrange and 9” HexaCone woofer combined together with the X-ART tweeter creates the unique S3X-V control monitor.

A step up over the smaller models, the S3X-V is capable of producing more power and volume along with a more detailed and homogeneous sound that will impress even the most experienced sound engineer. Whether the complex sonic images of an orchestra or the smooth tone of a jazz trio, the S3X-V reveals even the finest nuances of any material. The driver assembly of the S3X-V allows long time, non-fatiguing listening sessions.

S3X-V Features

  • Successor to the world famous S3A model
  • 9" HexaCone Woofer provides tight, punchy bass down to 32Hz
  • 4.5" HexaCone Midrange Driver for detailed & accurate midrange
  • X-ART Tweeter provides crisp, clear treble up to 50kHz
  • Bass-Reflex Cabinet with dual bass ports on the front
  • Internal Class-A/B PWM Amplification
  • Input Gain sensitivity and Eq controls, as well variable low & high shelving EQ filters
  • XLR Balanced Input


  • Number 1
  • Basket Ø    9" (228 mm)
  • Voice coil Ø    2" (50 mm)
  • Cone material    HexaCone


  • Number    1
  • Basket Ø    4.5" (116 mm)
  • Voice coil Ø    1" (25 mm)
  • Cone material    HexaCone


  • Number    1
  • Type    X-ART
  • Diaphragm area    4 inch² (2420 mm²)
  • Equiv. Diaphragm Ø    2" (56 mm)
  • Velocity transform ratio    4:1
  • Diaphragm weight    0.17 g

Built-in Amplifiers    

  • Woofer    1
  • Type    PWM
  • Amp. power RMS / music    250 W / 350 W
  • Midrange    1
  • Type    PWM
  • Amp. power RMS / music    250 W / 350 W
  • Tweeter    1
  • Type    A/B
  • Amp. power RMS / music    50 W / 100 W

Control panel    

  • Input Sensitivity (coarse)    -20 to +8 dB (4 dB steps)
  • Input Sensitivity (fine)    -1.5 to +2 dB (0.5 dB steps)
  • EQ 80 Hz    0 to +6 dB (1 dB steps)
  • High Shelf EQ > 6 kHz    ±4 dB (1 dB steps)
  • Low Shelf EQ < 150 Hz    ±4 dB (1 dB steps)
  • Tweeter gain    ±2 dB (0.5 dB steps)

Input connectors    

  • Analog    XLR
  • Digital (optional)    AES/EBU / SPDIF / word clock

General data    

  • Panel    Front
  • Frequency response    32 Hz - 50 kHz
  • THD > 80 Hz    ≤0.6 %
  • Long term output    ≥114 dB
  • Max. peak    ≥124 dB
  • Crossover frequencies    350 / 2800 Hz
  • Input impedance    10 KOhm
  • Weight    34 lb (15,4 kg)
  • Magnetically shielded    Optional
  • Height x Width x Depth    19" (485 mm) x 11" (281 mm) x 11.5" (295 mm)
  • Warranty    5 Years
  • Delivery contents: Power cord, Manual
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