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Adam A7V

The A7V from Adam is a bi-powered studio monitor expanding upon the stellar AX series monitors with improved drivers, cabinetry, and even the inclusion of DSP to further better your monitoring experience. Featuring a revamped woofer design alongside a new and improved tweeter, the A7V offers fantastic dynamic and frequency response with a full amplified signal of 130W and a wide range of 41Hz up to 42kHz, respectively. The refined woofer, crafted from a unique mineral blend, as well as the inclusion of extended accelerated ribbon technology in the tweeter makes for extremely low distortion, and the inclusion of the HPS waveguide improves the directivity of your sound and minimizes annoying resonances. Besides the impressive inclusion of tweeter rotation for better-fit highs, the overall build of the A7V compliments its excellent sound with massive bass ports, refined edges, and mounting functionality with loads of compatibility via the bottom M8 threading.

Although the A7V offers amazing analog functionality for handling both balanced and unbalanced signals, the real magic lies in its DSP capabilities. The Room Adaption controls act as your basic EQ controls with four bands instead of two, each of which having several selectable positions to best fit your space. The A7V not only features controls for bettering your treatment, but the Voicing controls also go into improving your listening experience based on your personal needs—be it for composition and production or mixing and mastering! With a third option labeled Ext in the Voicing section, you can customize the A7V over Ethernet via a six-band EQ to best suit your sonic profiling without compromising the brilliance and dynamic range brought by the A7V. With future updates over Ethernet for even more flexibility and improved performance, the A7V is a stellar studio monitor built for a variety of professional audio use cases.

A7V Features

  • Bi-amp powered studio monitor
  • Refined design building upon the AX series
  • Improved X-ART AMT tweeter with HPS (high-frequency propagation system) waveguide
  • Rotatable tweeters in 90º increments for improved and specific sound requirements
  • 4" MLM (multi-layered mineral) woofers for minimum distortion and beautiful low-end
  • Hybrid amplification with a Class-D woofer and a Class-AB tweeter
  • DSP based electronics for proper room tuning and future voicing updates (over Ethernet)
  • Room Adaption applies four band EQ for tuning your speakers to your room
  • Voicing options for different styles of response (Uniform Natural Response, Pure, and personalized over the A Control software)
  • Sonarworks Sound ID Reference integration
  • Quality cabinet design for minimal resonance, reduced edge diffraction, and M8 threading for mounting
  • Frequency response: 41Hz - 42kHz (@ -6dB)
  • LF component: 7" MLM woofer with 1.3" voice coil
  • HF component: rotatable X-ART tweeter
  • Crossover: 2.8kHz
  • Amplifier power RMS: 130W (LF:110W, HF:20W)
  • I/O connectors: 1x XLR (balanced), 1x RCA (unbalanced), 1x Ethernet (network switch)
  • Power rating: 300W max
  • AD convertor: 24-bit
  • Internal sample rate: 96kHz
  • Dimensions: H 337 x W 200 x D 280 mm (13.25" x 7.88" x 11")
  • Net Weight: 8.7kg (19lbs 3oz)
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