AdamA44H Three-Way Studio Monitor


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Adam A44H

Packed with customization for any setting or playback use, the A44H from Adam is a four-inch, dual woofer studio monitor, a versatile member of their A-Series monitors that expand upon the highly regarded AX series. A completely new monitor design for Adam, the A44H offers the best of horizontal speaker setup, powering a solid set of MLM woofers for excellent low end reproduction as well as the improved X-ART AMT tweeters for focused and brilliant high frequencies. Not only is the woofer redesigned with a blend of mineral stone fibers for high output and low distortion, but the improved AMT tweeter also features a more directed waveguide that cancels out unwanted resonances. The physical design of the A44H is not only striking in appearance but also supports stellar bass ports, refined edges for less diffraction, and even mounting capabilities via the bottom M8 threading.

On top of the fantastic frequency range and stellar dynamic range, the A44H also features a solid connectivity setup as well as room-shaping tools to best suit your space. The two selectable analog inputs offer balanced inputs for your typical audio interfaces and mixer as well as unbalanced inputs for more commercial uses such as DJ mixers and even audiophile playback. The integrated DSP allows for better adaptation to your space via the Room Adaptation equalizer as well as the Voicing settings for better-fit response based on your use. The four-band EQ is perfect for carving your playback response in a cleaner fashion, but the Voicings allow for further expansion into sound profiles suited more towards composers and producers, mixing and mastering engineers, or even your own customized sound profile!

Customization can be handled over Ethernet via the A Control software, making it even more flexible for sound artists and audio engineers in need of a specific sound profile. With a solid DSP core of 24-bit conversion and a sampling rate of 96kHz, you can be sure that the A44H will provide the best of both analog and digital for a customized and premium monitoring experience.

A44H Features

  • Bi-amp powered studio monitor
  • Refined design building upon the AX series
  • Improved X-ART AMT tweeter with HPS (high-frequency propagation system) waveguide
  • Rotatable tweeters in 90º increments for improved and specific sound requirements
  • 4" MLM (multi-layered mineral) woofers for minimum distortion and beautiful low-end
  • Hybrid amplification with a Class-D woofer and a Class-AB tweeter
  • DSP based electronics for proper room tuning and future voicing updates (over Ethernet)
  • Room Adaption applies four band EQ for tuning your speakers to your room
  • Voicing options for different styles of response (Uniform Natural Response, Pure, and personalized over the A Control software)
  • Sonarworks Sound ID Reference integration
  • Quality cabinet design for minimal resonance, reduced edge diffraction, and M8 threading for mounting
  • Frequency response: 53Hz - 42kHz (@ -6dB)
  • LF component: 2x 4" MLM woofer with 1" voice coil
  • HF component: rotatable X-ART tweeter
  • Crossover: 2.4kHz
  • Amplifier power RMS: 130W (LF:110W, HF:20W)
  • I/O connectors: 1x XLR (balanced), 1x RCA (unbalanced), 1x Ethernet (network switch)
  • Power rating: 300W max
  • AD convertor: 24-bit
  • Internal sample rate: 96kHz
  • Dimensions: H 135 x W 432 x D 350 mm (5.38" x 17" x 13.75")
  • Net Weight: 9.7kg (26lbs 11oz)
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