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Acid Rain TechnologyChainsaw Polyphonic Oscillator

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Acid Rain Technology Chainsaw

The Chainsaw from Acid Rain Technology is a polyphonic digital oscillator with super saws and super features. It provides three voices with independent volt/oct CV inputs. Each voice is comprised seven detunable waves, with master tuning set by the encoder at the top of the module. By default, it allows for tuning by semitones, but clicking in the encoder allows for fine tuning of one cent per step. With a two-second press it returns the tuning to C1.

The individual voices are activated by inserting a cable into one of the three v/oct inputs. The seven waves can be detuned using the detune knob and CV input; at low settings the waves are in unison, but as the value increases, the waves spread apart. Three waves are detuned up, three are detuned down, and one wave stays steady at the root note.

The morph knob and CV input control the waveform of the oscillators from super saw to super square. A linear FM input modulates all voices in Chainsaw. All waveforms on the three voices are spread evenly between the left and right outputs for a powerful stereo image, but Chainsaw can just as easily be used as a mono oscillator.

Chainsaw Features

  • Three-voice polyphonic digital oscillator
  • Seven waves per voice with detune
  • Morph knob from super saw to super pulse waves
  • Linear FM input
  • Pitch encoder for tuning by semitone or one cent per encoder step
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 4hp
  • Depth: 35mm
  • Current draw: 110 mA @ +12V, 10 mA @ -12V
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