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Abstract Data ADE 32 Octocontroller Control Panel

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Abstract Data ADE 32

The Abstract Data Octocontroller is a complex modulator optimized for Eurorack modular synthesizer systems. The module works exceptionally well as a master controller, with eight separate and assignable outputs covering a plethora of divergent functions—such as Sample & Holds, LFOs, and clock dividers. An internal master clock and clock input mean that the Octocontroller can be used as either a master clock or slaved from another device/module, while a reset input ensures precise synchronization. All this functionality with absolutely no menu diving makes the Octocontroller an efficient addition to any Eurorack modular synthesizer system, no matter the size.

ADE 32 Features

  • Multi-format modulation and trigger source
  • 8 outputs with 12 modulation types
  • Divisions of internal or external clock possible on each output
  • 14HP wide
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  • 14HP wide
  • 3U 
  • power consumption: 130mA @ +12V and 100mA @ -12V
Product Demo Videos
Abstract Data ADE-32
The Octocontroller, from Abstract Data, is a complex modulator used as a commanding controller for Eurorack modular systems. It has eight different outputs which can be assigned to 12 different functions from Sample n holds to LFOs and clock dividers. There is a master clock and external clock input to use the Octocontroller as a master or slave clock, as well as a reset input to synchronization. For as jam packed as this module is, there is no menu diving, with all the parameter settings visibly presented by the LEDs. For a compact system, this is the ultimate module for all clocking and modulation needs.

Available here: https://www.perfectcircuitaudio.com/abstract-data-ade-32.html
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