4MSShuffling Clock Multiplier +


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4MS Shuffling Clock Multiplier +

4MS redefines their stellar clock multiplier in an all-new black look with the Shuffling Clock Multiplier +: providing eight clock outputs following a single input, with a multitude of rhythmic varying effects. Each of the eight outputs produces a different multiplication of the incoming clock signal, ranging from double to eight times the original speed. The resync input provides a way to hard reset all clocks to the original pulse.

Where the Shuffling Clock Multiplier + deviates from the original is not only its size, but also loads of more control. Clock delays and pulse skipping can be introduced through the slip, skip, and shuffle controls. You can also apply clock rotation like in the original, including CV modulation for a variety of rhythmic material across multiple planes of your modular system. For quick stops and rate increases, the Shuffling Clock Multiplier + offers a Mute switch and 4x Fast button, respectively, as well as a pulse width control for fine-tuning your output's pulse-width to taste. Create expressive and evolving rhythms for drums, percussion, or unfolding rhythmic modulation with 4MS's Shuffling Clock Multiplier +.

Shuffling Clock Multiplier + Features

  • Clock multiplier module
  • Single clock input with eight multiplied clock outputs
  • Clock multiplication ranges from 2x to 8x
  • Clock skip to jump over particular pulses
  • Clock slip controlling independent pulse delays
  • Clock shuffle to select the pulse being slipped
  • Clock rotation to rotate the output jacks amongst one another
  • Clock output pulse width control
  • All variable parameters can be modulated via CV input
  • Resync input to reset the synchronization to the input clock
  • Manual and CV input over 4x fast (quadruples output speed) and clock mute parameters
  • Rear jumper enables/disables free-running clock mode
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 12hp
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Current draw: 52mA @ +12v, 15mA @ -12v
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