4MSShaped Dual EnvVCA Envelope Generator + VCA


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4MS Shaped Dual EnvVCA

An expanded version of the Dual EnvVCA, the Dual Shaped EnvVCA from 4MS features the same analog EG/LFOs and built in VCAs, but also lets you change the envelope response curves. You get two Rise/Fall sliders with three-way range switches for lighting fast (12ms) shapes to glacial (20 minute!) modulations and anywhere in between on each channel. Full of great features like EOR and EOF gate outputs, CV input for Rise/Fall times, as well as a Follow input for slewing and more, this module can easily be the heart of any modulation-centric system.

The main difference between this module and the other two in the EnvVCA lineup, is the waveshape slider—it allows you to continuously change the envelope shapes from logarithmic, to linear, to exponential. This control can be adjusted via CV, as well, allowing for all manner of complex shaping opportunities. With a dedicated Linear 5v output, analog OR output, along with the normal, waveshaped output, the Dual Shape EnvVCA from 4MS is a powerhouse that can drive even the more demanding patch.

The internal VCA channels are both based on low-noise, DC-coupled circuits, making them great for both audio and CV manipulation duties. Each VCA's CV input is normalled to its respective envelope's CV output...but this normalled connection can be defeated by using the dedicated VCA CV input jacks. So it's quite straightforward to rig up as a means of creating envelope-controlled articulation—but it's just as possible to use the envelopes and VCAs independently of one another, as well.

Of course, when all of these features combine, they become much more than the sum of their parts: Dual Shaped EnvVCA is a modulation powerhouse ready to become the heart of any system. Whether you're using it for simple articulations or unruly cross-modulated mayhem, you'll find it adds an immense amount of utility to your Eurorack system.

Shaped Dual EnvVCA Features

  • Dual analog Envelope/LFO with built-in VCAs
  • Rise/Fall sliders
  • 3-Way range select switch for everything from 12ms to 20-minute envelope durations(!!!)
  • Cycle/AD/ASR envelope mode switches for each channel
  • Trig input toggles cycling with mode switch set to "Cycle"
  • Manual and voltage-controllable envelope response curve shape
  • CV control for Rise/Fall on each envelope, with independent Rise/Fall attenuverters
  • Analog waveshaping with shape slider
  • Smoothly transition between Exp. Linear, Log shapes without changing the envelope rate
  • Trigger jack for envelope
  • Follow jack for slew-limiting and peculiar filtering effects
  • End of Rise and End of Fall gate outputs
  • DC-coupled VCAs normalled to envelope outputs (with defeatable normalled connection)
  • Dedicated Level and Offset knobs for each channel
  • Analog OR output combines peaks of both channels
  • Dedicated 5v linear envelope outputs
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 8hp
  • Depth: 24mm
  • Current draw: 255mA @ +12V, 230mA @ -12V
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