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4MS Sampler

Inspired by the Stereo Triggered Sampler, 4ms presents their streamlined Sampler module, offering an incredible amount of recording time, triggered sample playback, and plenty of ways to subject sounds to the malleability of control voltages. This version of 4ms' STS was given a spacious panel to facilitate its availability as a DIY kit, but the fully assembled version benefits from the increased real estate for patching and reaching its controls through a web of cables.

Keeping track of all your samples can be tricky, but the 4ms Sampler keeps it really easy by organizing sounds into color-based banks. Group your sounds into folders on the card prefixed with color names, and the Bank button will illuminate in that chosen color. Up to 60 banks of 10 samples each means you have up 600 samples at your disposal at any time. The module ships with a courtesy 16GB SD card, filled with samples from numerous artists including Richard Devine, Moor Mother, Baseck, and so many more. Of course, you can also record your own material into Sampler, limited only by the constraints of your SD card. The module will split exceptionally large recordings into 4GB files, but give it a 256GB card and you can leave your Sampler recording for 18 days!

Sampler puts some key parameters at your disposal for mangling your sounds. Manipulate pitch, shift the start position, and dynamically change the playback length for pseudo-granular effects and glitchy mayhem. You can even scan through the loaded samples and banks to call up different sounds in an instant. Give prepared sounds a new life in your Eurorack rig with the Sampler from 4ms.

Sampler Features

  • Single -channel stereo sampler module
  • Supports up 600 samples across 60 banks of ten samples each
  • Maximum of 4GB file size per sample
  • Pitch, Start Position, and Length control
  • Length control applies envelopes and windowing at shorter settings for granular effects
  • Reverse button
  • Recording capabilities limited only by card capacity
  • 16GB SD card included with artist samples
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 16hp
  • Depth: 33mm
  • Current draw: 135mA @ +12V, 41mA @ -12V
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4MS Sampler Eurorack Sample Player + Recorder Reviews