4MSEnvVCA Envelope + VCA

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The EnvVCA is a compact, analog EG/LFO with built-in VCA from 4MS. Two Rise/Fall sliders with three-way range switches are the core of this handy module, with envelope durations which can go as fast as 12ms or as long as 20 minutes. A dedicated level slider lets you attenuate the signal, and a Cycle button, with corresponding CV trigger, turns the Envelope into an looping LFO-like signal generator. Both the Rise and Fall times share a single CV control—but both have independent attenuverters, allowing for highly customizable CV response despite the shared input.

The VCA is a low-noise, DC-coupled circuit, making it perfect for audio or CV sources alike. Note that the VCA is coupled to the internal envelope generator—making it simple to use as an end-of-voice articulation controller. The unique Follow jack lets you generate complex modulations, slew, and to add a sustain stage to the envelope...allowing for both AD and ASR envelope shapes.

Grab this compact module that combines several of the most important synthesis functions into one with the EnvVCA from 4MS.

EnvVCA Features

  • Analog Envelope/LFO with built-in VCA
  • Rise/Fall sliders
  • 3-Way range select switch goes from 12ms to 20 minutes(!!!)
  • Linear envelope shapes only
  • CV control for Rise/Fall with independent Rise/Fall attenuverters
  • Trigger jack for envelope
  • Cycle toggle gate input
  • Follow jack for slew-limiting, ASR EG functionality, and exotic filtering effects
  • End of Rise gate output
  • DC-coupled VCA internally controlled by envelope generator
  • Slider for envelope level
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 8hp
  • Depth: TBD
  • Current draw: TBD
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