2hpDrum Machine Lunchbox Modular System


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2hp Drum Machine Lunchbox

Get the essential elements of a modular drum machine with the Drum Machine lunchbox from 2HP. Great as a way to start with modular or add another portable case to your setup, this is a handy case with some killer percussion modules.

Kick provides a punchy and full-bodied kick that ranges from a simple 808-style to esoteric IDM kick drums. Get everything from super-snappy to drawn-out snare sounds with the Snare module. The Hat module contains trigger inputs for both open and closed hi-hats, letting it do double percussion duty. Perfectly mix each of the drum sounds using the Mix module. All the drum modules are fully voltage-controllable, and the Snare and Kick even track 1V/oct. Add a trigger or gate sequencer, and you'll have a full modular drum machine with the ability to expand with more modules.

Drum Machine Lunchbox Features

  • Modular drum system
  • Kick is a powerful kick drum with a wide range of sounds
  • Snare provides a wide range of snare sounds from tight to drawn-out
  • Hat provides both open and closed hi-hat sounds
  • Four-channel Mix provides level control for the drum voices
  • Extensive CV control over drum parameters
  • Comes in a powered lunchbox case that is expandable
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