29 PedalsJFET Transistor Boost Pedal


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29 Pedals JFET

Building upon the humble transistor boost circuit, JFET by 29 Pedals is a reimagining of an essential and timeless guitar effect. JFET features three different modes for tailoring the frequency response of the pedal to your liking. In "N" mode, for Normal, JFET behaves almost like a treble booster—one of the most iconic classic boost designs. "F" mode fills out the frequency spectrum a bit more for fuller sounds, while "X" is a nearly flat response all the way down to 10Hz and below. Finally, "L" is a seemingly simple level control, but it is actually a post-boost, pre-output drive gain fader—JFET's internal boost gain is fixed to around 19dB, but this design maintains optimal character, noise performance, and impedance. An incredible tone sweetener, give the 29 Pedals JFET a spin and listen to how it will lift up your tones.

JFET Features

  • Modern transistor boost design
  • 3 modes: N, F, and X range from classic treble boost to full, flat response
  • Level control between JFET gain stage and output driver
  • Whatever power supply accepts any and all power
  • Dimensions: TBD
  • Power Specs: WHATEVER power input accepts voltages from 7.5 to 35V, AC or DC (either polarity), consumes about 120mA
29 Pedals JFET Transistor Boost Pedal Reviews