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Walrus AudioKangra Filter + Fuzz Pedal


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Walrus Kangra Filter + Fuzz Pedal

The Walrus Audio Kangra is a filter and fuzz effects pedal made in collaboration with SNL guitarist Jared Scharff and modeled after his favorite vintage fuzz pedal, the Kay Fuzz Tone. It combines two useful effects into one package.

The fuzz is a thick octave fuzz with two modes: vintage, an aggressive fuzz with short sustain, and modern, a less intense fuzz with longer but tighter sustain. The midrange contour of the fuzz can be scooped using the mid switch and the output level can be set with the volume control. The fuzz and the filter can be used independently, but when used together, the fuzz comes before the filter in the signal chain.

The filter features cutoff frequency and resonance controls, plus an envelope. The envelope is an envelope follower that can be switched on or off, and the sensitivity of which can be set by the sens knob. Louder signals will cause the envelope follower to open the filter up more while quieter sounds will cause subtler changes. Tune the envelope sensitivity to your playing style and get dynamic control over the filtering of your sound. An expression pedal input lets you control the filter cutoff frequency using an external expression pedal. The Kangra provides two great sounding effects in one stomp box that can be used separately or together and makes anything you run into sound great.

Kangra Features

  • Filter/fuzz in pedal format
  • M/V switch for selecting between Modern, tight fuzz and sputtery Vintage style
  • Filter with resonance, cutoff frequency, and envelope sensitivity control
  • Lowpass filter with envelope control option for everything from soft coloration to wonky, quacking funk
  • Dimensions: 4.77 x 2.6 x 1.39"
  • Power Specs: 9VDC pedal PSU (not included)
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