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Tenderfoot Electronics Folder

Small but powerful, Folder by Tenderfoot Electronics is a six-stage wave folder offering complex modulation and wave shaping for audio and CV signals. The main FOLDS control works clockwise from a completely null output to full six stages of folding, eventually clipping the input in a harmonically rich and pleasing way. From there we have a SHAPE feature that when turned counterclockwise gives you the full effect of the wave folding, and when turned clockwise feeds the original fundamental of the input signal back in to ease the harsher tones produced from wave folding. Folder's OFFSET applies voltage, either positive or negative, and provides control on where the input wave is being folded and creates more harmonic content, while the DRIVE control creates more metallic textures by compressing the amplitude of the harmonics together. With CV inputs and attenuators on all parameters, Folder is perfect for adding color and complexity to your modular sounds or even creating complex LFO wave shapes for tasty modulation.

Folder Features

  • Wavefolder Eurorack module
  • Six folding stages
  • Shape, drive and voltage offset controls
  • Manual and CV control over all parameters
  • Attenuators on all CV inputs (and an attenuverter on the offset parameter)
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 6hp
  • Depth: 33mm
  • Current draw:
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