Tall Dog Electronics uo_C Polymorphic CV Generator (Black)

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Tall Dog Electronics uo_C SE

uo_C by Tall Dog Electronics, originally designed by mxmxmx, is a swiss army knife of modulation, sequencing, and other useful utilities in eurorack. Four generic inputs and outputs provide a framework for interaction with a multitude of different apps available within the module. Anything from complex sequencing, and arpeggiation to generating envelopes, quantizing, and much more is possible with uo_C SE.

Tall Dog Electronics uo_C SE Features

  • Multiple apps, including Copier Maschine, Harrington 1200, and Sequins
  • Alternative "Hemisphere" firmware can be installed
  • Depth: 31 mm
  • Current draw: 85 mA @ +12V, 10mA @ -12V
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