Plankton ElectronicsSpice VCF Filter


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Plankton Electronics Spice VCF

The Plankton Electronics Spice VCF takes the filter circuit from the analog section of the Spice desktop unit and recontextualizes it into a small-format Eurorack module. The Spice VCF features three outputs for Lowpass, Bandpass, and Highpass, as well as V/Oct tracking, a resonance system based on the SEM filter, and XMOD capability tapped from the bandpass filter. This means that the XMOD can add another layer of texture to your signal by adding some distortion and a variety of resonance effects into your sound. Perfect for pulse, or adding a "Jump" to your synths!

Spice VCF Features

  • Individual output for each filter type
  • XMOD capability
  • Resonance based on legendary SEM VCF design
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 6hp
  • Depth: 34mm
  • Current draw: 15mA @ +12V, 12mA @ -12V
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