Noise EngineeringPura Ruina Distortion

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Noise Engineering Pura Ruina

The Pura Ruina is the last in the Distortion of the Month series from Noise Engineering. The PR is a three-stage full-wave rectifier and distortion module. PR features four individual stage level controls, each with CV input and individual output. The Universal Sum output is sum these stages.

Pura Ruina’s fully-hyphenated full-wave rectification adds a different flavor of distortion than standard wavefolding or clipping. Rectification is a process where the negative portion of a waveform is folded over upon itself to create a positive-only waveform. This complex and gnarly form of wave shaping adds character and richness to any signal fed into it and is perfect for complementing any system it resides in.

Pura Ruina Features

  • Full wave rectifier and distortion
  • Four independent stage level controls with CV control and individual outputs
  • Sum output of the all stages available
  • "All CV" input normalled to each stage's level CV input
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