MXRM309 Joshua Ambient Echo Pedal


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MXR M309 Joshua

Offering a fully featured delay workstation in a compact pedal package, MXR's M309 Joshua is an ambient echo pedal encapsulating everything from warbly repeats to expansive soundscapes. Joshua features a wide assortment of controls to shape its delays: set the delay time manually or via tap tempo, dial in the amount of repeats with the Regen control, then change the rhythmic timing of the delay with the Division knob—from straight quarter notes to dotted eighths and more. In addition to setting the dry/wet Mix, the Voice knob allows you to blend in optional sub-octaves or shimmering pitch shifting to bring your instrument to even more ethereal spaces. For even more options, turn on Trails to let echoes freely cascade away when the pedal is bypassed, while Echo 2 enables a secondary delay at a default quarter inch timing—but this can be changed in deeper pedal settings. For the guitarist or instrumentalist in need of a compact delay pedal balancing flexibility with straightforward parameterization, MXR's Joshua is perhaps the pedal you've been searching for.

M309 Joshua Features

  • Compact dual delay pedal
  • Inspired by delay pedals and rack processors form the 1960s through the 80s
  • Delay Time and Regen (feedback) controls
  • Delay Division control sets time to rhythmic subdivisions: 1/4 note, dotted 1/8, 1/8, triplet 1/8, dual 1/4 + dotted 1/8
  • Secondary Echo may be engaged at default 1/4, configurable through advanced settings
  • Voice param blends in pitch-shifted octaves above or below
  • Modulation knob for chorused repeats
  • Trails mode allows repeats to continue fading away when pedal is bypassed
  • CTR input for external tap tempo, expression, and more
  • Dimensions: 4.3 x 2.5 in
  • Power Specs: 9VDC Center Negative (PSU not included)
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Product Demo Videos
MXR Joshua® Ambient Echo
Want vintage rack-style atmospherics in a single pedal? The MXR Joshua Ambient Echo recreates those tones through a carefully honed recipe of tones and textures that combine to capture everything from tonal trips out of the ’60s and ’70s to the ethereal ambience of the ’80s and the ambience-infused soundscapes of the modern era.

Adjust tempo and subdivisions and blend in tones and textures from modulation, angelic organ-like effects, and more. It’s all dialed in and ready to go for casual tone tweakers to set as they please, but more advanced sonic seekers will be thrilled to engage with deeper functions such as stereo mode, off-board tap and expression functions, and a host of other customizable parameters.
MXR M309 Joshua Ambient Echo Pedal Reviews