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LooptrotterMonster Compressor 2 FET Compressor + Tube Saturator


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Looptrotter Monster Compressor 2

Designed with a ton of character and spice, Monster Compressor 2 from Looptrotter is intended to be a premium-quality solution for adding the much desired analog warmth to lifeless audio signals, while balancing dynamics in a superbly musical way. This powerful processor has many outstanding features, but what makes it truly unique is a well-tuned combination of FET compression and tube saturation, the joint effect of which results in a substantial increase in energy, and presence of any audio signal. When processed with the Monster Compressor 2, the sound starts feeling remarkably close, and all of the subtle details are articulated with a surprising level of clarity.

The compressor is composed of two identical channels with independent 'bypass' switches, allowing it to be used equally in stereo and dual mono modes. Each section is outfitted with extensive sound shaping controls, including a Mix knob for parallel compression. The saturator additionally includes a dedicated switch for boosting even harmonics, which can prove to be especially useful for processing subgroups.

The impeccable construction of this rackmountable dynamics processor is also worth a mention. Every single element on Monster Compressor 2 screams quality—from premium-grade op amps used in the compressor circuit to military grade electron tubes of the saturator to gold plated heavy duty switches. If you are in the market for a clean and colorless compressor, well, Monster Compressor 2 is definitely not it. But without a doubt, adding this impressive piece into your setup will not only serve as a uniquely rich sound processor and all-in-all powerful studio utility, it will also keep you assured that even the dullest digital sound can be resurrected and gain new life within your mix.

Monster Compressor 2 Features

  • A characterful combo of FET compressor/limiter and tube saturator
  • The saturator circuit is based on 6N2P NOS military grade electron tubes
  • Even harmonics boost
  • Mix controll for parallel compression
  • Operates in dual-mono or stereo modes
  • Dual channel
  • Handmade in Poland using premium quality components
  • XLR inputs and outouts
  • Unbalanced monitor outputs
  • Sidechain I/O
  • Fits standard 19" racks
  • 3U
Looptrotter Monster Compressor 2 FET Compressor + Tube Saturator Reviews