Hungry RobotWardenclyffe Deluxe Lo-Fi Pitch Modulator Pedal


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Hungry Robot Wardenclyffe Deluxe Lo-Fi Pitch Modulator Pedal

Wardenclyffe from Hungry Robot is back in a new Deluxe edition, packing a whole host of new features to make for an extremely deep lo-fi modulation pedal. Sculpt the harmonic content of your input signal with the switchable high and low pass filters. Add modulation movement using the LFO, with a selection of waveforms, depth, and speed, now with a dedicated tap-tempo switch. Use the detune switch to add a second detuned copy of the signal for lush choruses.

Control the DSP clock with the dedicated knob, which in the lowest settings completely smears and morphs the sound into a lo-fi mess. Delicious. Further mangle your sounds at the flick of a switch with the bitcrusher. The pad reverb now features a level control to fine-tune the reverb amount. An added noise section of the pedal adds three types of noise for vinyl-style crackles. Add a Snake-like filtered white noise hiss, Campfire-style crackling, and the random popping of Pop (or soda outside of the midwest). Independently control the level of both the dry and wet signals, allowing the effect and input signal to sit perfectly side by side or altogether remove one or the other. This effect imparts a distinct lo-fi effect to anything you throw at it, and this deluxe edition adds a whole new dimension of features and sounds.

Wardenclyffe Deluxe Features

  • Lo-fi modulation pedal
  • DSP clock control
  • LFO with three waveforms, depth, and speed control with tap tempo
  • High or low pass filter
  • Pad reverb with level control
  • Bitcrusher on a switch
  • Detune copies the signal with a detuned copy that makes for great choruses
  • Snake white noise hiss
  • Campfire crackling
  • Pop or soda popping
  • Independent dry and wet level controls
  • True bypass
  • Dimensions: 100mA @ 9V DC center negative 2.1mm barrel (not included)
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