Hungry RobotKarman Line Delay Pedal


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Hungry Robot Karman Line Delay Pedal

The Hungry Robot Karman Line is a discreet lo-fi delay under joystick control. In addition to intuitive front panel controls governing self-oscillation and modulation parameters, users can achieve tactile control over delay time modulation and pitch shifting effects via the joystick (the X-Axis dictates the modulation rate, while the Y-Axis manages the delay time). There are also two footswitches: Swell, which triggers delay feedback, and Launch, which initiates a feedback blitzkrieg all over the circuit. All of this and more makes the Karman delay ideal for feedback-heavy genres, including drone and shoegaze. 

Karman Line Features

  • Joystick Modulating Delay
  • Delay repeats can self-oscillate
  • Filtered Lo-fi delay style
  • Delay time modulation for vinyl warp effects
  • Perfect shoegaze grittiness
  • "Swell" footswitch to instigate delay feedback
  • "Launch" footswitch immediately overloads circuit with feedback
  • Power: 9V DC (Center Negative)
  • Rugged Aluminum Case
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