DoepferA-110-6 Trapezoid Thru-Zero Quadrature VCO

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Doepfer A-110-6

The A-110-6 from Doepfer is an all-analog oscillator with five pairs of quadrature waveform outputs and thru-zero linear FM capabilities. It features a unique trapezoidal waveform in addition to traditional sine, saw, square, and triangle waves, along with a Linear Frequency knob which controls the polarity of the trapezoid waveform. Along with the Linear FM input, this can be very useful for "biasing" the module's thru-zero element in order to unleash FM pandemonium. In its audio range, the oscillator tracks 1V/octave well, while its LFO range switch makes the A-110-6 an extremely powerful modulation LFO as well.

A-110-6 Features

  • Analog thru-zero VCO/LFO
  • Triangle, Sine, Cosine, Rectangle, Saw, and Trapezoid waveform outputs available
  • 90-degree shifted outputs for each waveform
  • Linear Control Section Polarity LED indicator
  • Trapezoid Sine LED indicator
  • 1V/oct, Exponential FM, and Linear FM inputs
  • Linear Frequency control knob
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 12hp
  • Depth: 55mm
  • Current draw: 80mA @ +12V, 70mA @ -12V
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Doepfer A-110-6 Trapezoid Thru-Zero Quadrature VCO Reviews